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Why Medical Billing Needs its Own Department

Medical billing must be done by someone or a group of people in a department who handle only medical billing. Here are just a few of the reasons why.

Why You Need to Bring in Someone for Support Services

You need to bring in a third-party company for Support Services so that you will be able to then provide better service and care to your patients.

How We Work with You to Make Sure Your Office Billing is Done Right

While people love the idea of outsourcing their billing, their hangup is they aren’t sure it'll be done right. Afterall, it's an essential part of medical care.

Medical Billing In General Practice Vs Specialty

There are many differences between general practitioners and specialty physicians, and medical billing is no different.

Organizing Patient Documents

Before a patient can be seen by your healthcare clinic, he or she is aware they will be required to fill out forms and provide certain patient documents.

5 Job Positions You Need in Your Rural Health Clinic (and 1 You Don’t!)

Here’s a few vital team members you absolutely must have at your rural health clinic, and one you can outsource for better efficiency.

Why Medical Billing Is Important

Here are some reasons why a skilled medical billing staff is of utmost importance to a medical facility and has a lasting effect on its financial stability.

How to Improve Pharmacy Relations with Your Rural Health Clinic

Is your medical office doing everything you can to have a good working relationship with the pharmacy nearby? Here's how you can improve that communication.

How Insurance Agents Work with Medical Billers

If you’re interested in outsourcing your medical billing to professionals, you may be wondering exactly how insurance agents fit into the whole process.

Top 10 Most Common Medical Billing Codes

Each healthcare facility will have its own acronyms but here are some of the most commonly used medical billing codes across all medical offices:

Why Outsourcing Medical Billing to a Billing Company is Best

Your medical office can outsource medical billing to a third party company to alleviate some pressure. When weighing this option, consider these.

4 Things You Didn't Know About Medical Billers

We're here to know all the ins and outs and do the hard part for you but just in case, we medical billers have got some things to let you in on.

A Guide to Common Medical And Billing Terms

Read over our guide and keep in on hand for when you come across medical or billing terms you don't know in your business.

How Your Medical Billing Provider Handles Government Updates

The healthcare community knows how beneficial having a medical billing provider can be. Utilizing a service like this can save you both time and money.

Medical Billing: Saving You Time and Money

There are multiple reasons to hire a medical billing service but one of the main reasons is saving time for the doctor.

What is CPT Coding?

CPT coding allows healthcare facilities to provide the best care for patients and assist other providers with the ability to improve their services.

Preventing Insurance Claim Denials

Insurance claim denials can be avoided by following important steps and establishing benchmarks. Read on to see our advice.

Questions to Ask Your Billing Provider

We've compiled a list of things you should ask your billing provider so you know exactly what you're getting when it comes to medical billing.

What to Expect When Using a Medical Billing Company

If you’re on the fence about if you should or should not use a medical billing company, check out our take on what to expect when you hire one.

Finding the Right Medical Billing Service

We’ve got the advice you need to help you find the medical billing service that’s right for you and your company. Here's the questions you should be asking.

Benefits of Professional Billing Services

If you’ve never used a professional billing service before, you may be curious about it. It can be tedious to process all of your own billing information.

The Three Main Causes of Claim Rejection

Claim rejection is a common occurrence in the medical field. It takes a very precise eye to keep up with the demand of insurance companies.

How We Prevent Billing Mistakes

As humans, mistakes are inevitable. So how does your medical billing service prevent these billing mistakes from happening?

Outsourcing Billing

Whether your medical practice is a large or small one, you can benefit from outsourcing your billing to a dedicated billing company.

Costly Errors in Medical Billing

Medical billing is a delicate business. For a physician’s office, medical billing codes are often confusing, and even downright disorienting.

Pain Points for In-house Medical Billing

Many larger practices have their own in-house medical billing systems but that might not always be the best choice for your clinic.